Big 3's biggest challenge rebuilding trust?

Detroit Free Press columnist Tom Walsh believes the Detroit Big Three are wasting precious resources trying to answer why Americans are not buying their cars. The problems are not prices or how to beat Toyota in environmental issues, writes Walsh, but that domestic automakers need to rebuild the public's trust in their products by making ownership hassle-free.

Walsh states his arguable opinion that the domestics' strengths are low prices, trustworthy service and high quality. Chrysler, Ford, and GM must not only maintain such qualities but keep the public continuously aware of them. That way the consumer may one day forgive them of years of slipshod products and mediocre service. Ford's 'Bold Move' campaign, Chrysler's daring 300, and the new Saturn lineup show that Detroit still knows how to make great looking, fun-to-drive vehicles. Walsh believes all they need to do now is prove they can be counted on.

[Source: Detroit Free Press]

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