Larry David gives away a Prius to fight global warming

One lucky UCLA student who submitted his name to MTVU (that's MTV's University network) won Larry David's Prius last week, and the car keys were hand-delivered by David to the student while was in his class on Effective Methods of Social Change. The student, Erick Tarula, said he could now get rid of his gas-guzzling truck and switch to the hybrid compact car.

David, who stars in "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and was a driving force behind "Seinfeld", gave the car away to increase awareness about Larry David Curb Your Enthusiasm global warming as part of the Curb Global Warming Sweepstakes. David's wife Laurie is an environmental activist and helped organize a Virtual March to Stop Global Warming, an online petition organized by the Stop Global Warming group co-founded by Laurie David. Over 330,000 people have signed the petition. You can watch the hand-over Tuesday on MTVU.

[Source: AP via Happy News, Photo Credit: AP/Reed Saxon]

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