Big boost, no waiting! Antonov debuts two-speed supercharger

Racers and backyard mechanics alike have been searching for years for a forced-induction system that generates boost from idle to redline for years. Pricy sequential turbo systems and their ilk have done the job to this point, but Atonov is proposing an altogether different system: a two-speed supercharger!

The system basically matches a bog-standard, high-capacity centrifugal supercharger unit with a diminutive automatic gearbox. The result is a claimed 85 percent efficiency, versus perhaps 50 percent of a traditional unit.

Of course, innovation usually has a price, and according to FastCar UK, that price figures to be between  £3,000 and £4,000 (that's around $5,500-$7,400 clams, Yankee).

[Source: FastCar UK]

(Great tip, Chuck!)

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