Ford's "Greener Miles" just their version of TerraPass

I’m not quite sure what the difference is between Ford’s new Greener Miles program, in partnership with TerraPass, and the regular TerraPass program (see here). Still, getting one of the big three to promote the idea of carbon offsetting is a good idea, and props to TerraPass for the partnership. The costs for Greener Miles are the same as TerraPass (between 30 and 80 dollars a year, depending on how many miles are put on the car in a year, and the money goes to the same projects TerraPass members fund. Nonetheless, the increased promotion TerraPass will get from Ford can only help the program, and maybe someday every car dealer will be signed up to offer you a carbon offset sticker with the undercoating and the “warranty”. You know which one is worth it in the long haul, right?

[Source: Ford]

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