TerraPass - take your car off the road and yet keep driving

If you’re interested in buying a new hybrid or converting your old Mercedes to run on SVO, but don’t have the time or money right now to make that sort of thing happen, there is an easier way to greenify your car, and you can do it today with the car you already own.
TerraPass is basically a donation program where drivers support new renewable energy technologies based on how much they drive. TerraPass is personalized, allowing you to enter your car’s make, model and how much you drive a year into the site’s carbon calculator. Based on how many tons of carbon dioxide you put into the atmosphere each year, TerraPass will sell you a sticker, which ranges from $30 to $80. Of course, this isn’t the end of the story, as TerraPass takes your money and invests it into renewable energy projects – wind farms, methane capture facilities, etc. – which then theoretically offsets the carbon dioxide your driving generates. It’s a new program (it was co-founded by Dr. Karl Ulrich at the University of Pennsylvania in October, 2004), and there isn’t a lot of historical data to prove that it works, but TerraPass claims they’ve 62 million pounds of CO2 pollution out of the air and they allow a third-party to verify their actions.

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