Ford hybrid sales up 75 percent from March to April

Earlier today I wrote a post about Toyota’s inability to satisfy consumer demand for their hybrid Prius cars. Looks like some of those potential buyers drifted over to Ford. Ford reported yesterday that sales of it’s hybrids were up 75 percent in April compared to March, All Headline News reports. Interest-free loans and federal and state tax credits likely helped Ford move more of its Escape hybrid (2005’s North American Truck of the Year) and Mariner hybrid SUVs in April. Or maybe it’s all the ads featuring Kermit.

Considering that a third of new car buyers are seriously considering alternative fuel vehicles (and almost all of them are willing to pay more money for their car), this increase – and Toyota’s short supply of Prius vehicles shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.

[Source: All Headline News via Mixed Power]

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