Audi developing audible news reader for your auto

Audi is pushing the envelope in audio entertainment with a new research project that aims to deliver news reports audibly that are custom configured by the driver. Audi says the system, known as MACS My News, allows the driver to become “editor-in-chief” by choosing what type of content to hear and for how long. World news, sports and weather are a few types of content the system will be able to deliver, and it will all be controlled via spoken commands or Audi’s MMI (Multi Media Interface).
Foursprung has what appears to be an official release, though it doesn’t touch on what type of voice will be “reading” the content to be delivered. We assume it will be digital and synthetic, which we fear would be entirely too annoying to listen to at length. That is, unless it’s a cool digital voice like that of Johnny 5 or the supercomputer named Joshua from War Games.

[Source: Foursprung]

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