Ford of Europe: good for the environment, good corporate PR

Corporate public relations offices always try to make the company they represent look wonderful. Benevolent, sometimes. Kind and gentle, perhaps. Avuncular, if the situation is right. It seems like Ford of Europe is laying it on thick in this press release over at Auto Spectator identifying all the great green initiatives and projects they’ve been working on in the recent past.
But, all this aside, it’s hard to say that Ford of Europe is only looking for good press with their interest in biofuels and renewable energies. Companies and governments can and do work together to push new technologies to the forefront and the BEST and PROCURA projects that Ford of Europe is working on are good projects if they end up reducing the amount of carbon dioxide emissions in the air and lessening the demand for increasingly-expensive petroleum fuels.
We deal with a lot of press releases here at AutoblogGreen, and I don’t know why I’m singling Ford of Europe out for this treatment. All in all, their programs deserve some press. I guess I just wish they wouldn’t be tooting their own horn so much. When companies do good work, we’ll hear about it and praise them. Now get back to work making better, greener cars.

[Source: Auto Spectator. Photo from Hat tip: Joel A]

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