An Inconvenient Truth movie trailer

In case you just happened by AutoblogGreen, but don’t really know much about green automobile technology and are curious about why people are so concerned about making their cars run cleaner, here’s a movie trailer worth watching. The film, “An Inconvenient Truth”, appears to be a dramatic documentary detailing the causes and effects of global warming. The film stars Al Gore, who says in the trailer that he “used to be the next President of the United States.”
I’m not one to usually accept fear-mongering or cries of the sky is falling, but last year’s insane hurricane season and the continued shrinking of the Artic ice tells me that our planet is going through some changes. Just look at the shots in the trailer of the glacier from 70 years ago and then today and tell me global warming is just hype. We may not be able to stop climate change when we use green car technology, but we can do a little to slow it down because we’re not participating as regularly in the rush to output greenhouse gasses.

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