Hyundai apologizes one billion times for its bribery scandal

As part of an act of contrition for the bribery scandal rocking Hyundai Motor Group, the company is donating $1.05 billion dollars to charity. The word came Wednesday as Hyundai vice chairman Lee Jeon-kap issued a formal apology for the corporate malfeasance currently under investigation.

The donation will come in the form of 22.5 million shares of stock in Hyundai subsidiary Glovis, owned by Chung Mong-koo (HMG's chair) and son, Chung Eui-sun, president of Kia Motors. The shares are said to be valued at over $1 billion dollars.

Apparently, this type of corporate mea culpa is accepted practice for Korean business scandals, as earlier this year, conglomerate Samsung expressed regret over its own corruption charges with a nearly $850 million dollar donation.

Despite the pledges, neither Hyundai nor Samsung has named the beneficiary of their largesse, let alone transferred any monies.

[Sources: JoonAng Daily;]

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