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2 former UAW presidents drove corrupt spending, report alleges

Prosecutors and former UAW officials say Dennis Williams and Gary Jones had lavish tastes

Hyundai apologizes one billion times for its bribery scandal

As part of an act of contrition for the bribery scandal rocking Hyundai Motor Group, the company is donating $1.05 billion dollars to charity. The word came Wednesday as Hyundai vice chairman Lee Jeon-kap issued a formal apology for the corporate malfeasance currently under investigation.

Officials in corruption probe raid Hyundai's Seoul HQ

South Korean officials descended upon Hyundai's headquarters, carting off around 100 boxes of data from the companies southern Seoul offices. The move came as the latest development in a corruption probe surrounding a prominent business lobbyist.

Bribery scandals brewing afresh at DaimlerChrysler

A whistleblower-spurred inquiry into 'improper payments' (read: bribes) has led DaimlerChrysler to let go or suspend several employees on three continents.