Kia gets SIRIUS. What will Stern say?

Earlier this week, Kia Motors Co. and SIRIUS Satellite Radio announced that the Korean automaker will be carrying the digital provider for all Kia vehicles starting with 2008 models. The agreement will run through 2014, with an optional extension.
Such announcements are not new. Volkswagen, for example, will also be carrying SIRIUS exclusively for its vehicles, including Audi. But what makes this news interesting is that Hyundai Motors, which owns Kia, has chosen XM Radio because it found its consumers were "not comfortable with programming from Stern."

No mention of the Hyundai/Stern imbroglio was mentioned in the announcement. For our part, we can't wait to hear Stern's reaction when he gets wind of this piece of news.

[Source: United Press International]

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