Sneak peek: GM's Pontiac Solstice racer?

An alert member of the Solstice Forum attended the  March Madness/Final Four Pontiac demofest at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway last Sunday, and got a brief glimpse of the newest offspring of the GM Performance parts bin - a Pontiac Solstice racer!

The car appears to be outfitted for SCCA Showroom Stock 'B' racing (basically a stock car with minimal modifications allowed) and features a nice little add-on hardtop.

GM Performance put a lot of effort into enhancing the Chevy Cobalt for drag and road-racing... let's hope they give Pontiac's little two-seater the same treatment. In any event, it looks like we can look forward to some Miata/MX5-Solstice duels this summer. More pics after the jump...

(Thanks, David F!)

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