XGA replacing Honda's S2000?

Looks like the S2000’s epitaph has already been written, as Honda may be planning a replacement dubbed internally as the XGA. What the XGA will be when it comes online is anyone’s guess, though. Road and Track is reporting that at first it thought the S2000 replacement would grow a roof and an extra set of doors. This four-door sports coupe would employ Honda’s SH-AWD technology and possibly use some advanced hybrid powertrain.

Now R&T is hearing from inside Honda’s hallowed halls that the XGA will be a coupe based on the RL platform and feature either a V8 or V10, probably a detuned version of what ends up powering the next Acura NSX. Word on the forums, however, is that the XGA will be slotted between the outgoing S2000 and the NSX. Rather, this vehicle isn't meant to replace Honda's high-revving roadster.

The Sports4 Concept (shown) Honda unveiled at last year’s Tokyo Motor Show gives us the best indication of what the XGA will look like. Whether it will be four- or two-door in the end is still unknown, and whether or not it will be powerful enough to take on the likes of Nissan’s upcoming GT-R is another whole story.

[Source: Road&Track]

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