Federal lawsuit claims GM should recall 7.5 million vehicles over faulty wipers

A new lawsuit filed in federal court is claiming that General Motors created some 7.5 million trucks, vans, and SUVs with defective wipers. The legal action comes after the automaker recalled 1.7 million vehicles in 2003 to replace wiper circuit boards and motor mechanism covers-- that action came as an extension of an existing GM replacement program stemming from 1998.

The suit argues that a federal investigation showed that the wipers in question have caused 11 or more crashes, along with generating 225,000 warranty claims.

Lead plaintiffs Timothy and Gloria Owen of Jefferson City, Missouri are seeking class-action status, and are looking to hold the automaker accountable for repairs as well as reimbursement for previously executed fixes.

Just last month, automaker DaimlerChrysler recalled 269,000 trucks and minivans over windshield wiper issues.

[Source: The Associated Press via Miami Herald; Howstuffworks.com]

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