Things to think about before adding aftermarket A/V

Bill Howard, editor of TechnoRide, offers advice on either installing a iPod adapter, DVD players, etc., or having such devices installed in your vehicle. He points out that:
  • Installations mean squeaks and rattles. Exception: Yugos, Fiats, and any British car older than an American Idol candidate - fit and finish can only be improved here.
  • Keep your lines short or keep it digital.
  • Is that how you'll really use it? You don't want that navigation monitor to swing in front of your vents when it's 100 degrees Fahrenheit inside the car.
  • Get the best techs possible on your side. The cliche, 'you get what you pay for' applies in accessory installations.
  • Hard-wire your satellite console. Spend the extra cash on a tech to hide all that wiring.
  • Check with Crutchfield. This is not an advertisement.
  • Get the best audio-in quality. See 'Get the best tech...' above.
  • Line-in is good, radio display is better.
  • Replace the radio. Remember, though, you probably won't be wearing those thick winter gloves again.
Finally, Howard reminds you that vehicle accessories, unlike home additions or improvements, do not  jack up that vehicle's value. Details on each step above can be found at the link. What additional pointers would you give to would-be mods?

[Source: TechnoRide]

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