Behind Top Gear's 'Cool Wall'

U.K. autoshow Top Gear has a feature they call the Cool Wall. In the segment, the BBC show hosts determine if, for example, a Kia Sedona is Sub Zero Cool (Land Rover Defender); Cool (Volkswagen Phaeton); Uncool (Mitsubishi EVO 8); or Seriously Uncool (BMW 5-Series).

Top Gear producer Andy Gilman went in-depth for the Time and Sunday Times over some of the criteria employed by the hosts to rate a car’s 'cool factor.' In the article, he advises enthusiasts to ignore celebrity choices like Cameron Diaz and the 'Seriously Uncool' Toyota Prius.

Other factors considered include 'fashion' (Fashion cars being autos that make a massive impact for five minutes, thereafter looking clichéd and vaguely ridiculous); driving characteristics (which apparently have nothing to do with how cool something is); and vehicle accessories.

A full listing of the factors can be found at the link. The Cool Wall can be found here.

For what it's worth, this is the first time in a while that some Autoblog staffers have taken issue with Top Gear's conclusions. Explain to us again exactly how is it that a BMW M3 CSl qualifies as 'seriously uncool'?!

[Source: The Times and The Sunday Times]

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