Non-Ford vehicles taking a beating; UAW tells members to stop

According to the Detroit News, a local UAW official sent out a note to members of the Kansas City Assembly plant about vandalism against non-Ford vehicles.
"Respect other people's property as you would like yours to be respected," said President Jim Stoufer of UAW Local 249. "The company (Ford) will be watching for any destruction of vehicles and anyone caught damaging another vehicle will be terminated."

A Ford spokesperson, when asked about the report, stated she has not heard of such incidents at the plant or at any other factory. Other UAW local presidents have stated the same thing.

It is not known if the policies restricting or banning non-Ford vehicles from using regular plant parking lots could have contributed to the Kansas City Assembly plant warning. Either way, Camry owners should apparently be on the look out for a Blue Oval beatdown courtesy of their local union.

[Source: Detroit News]

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