Ford factories enforcing No-Parking Zone for non-Ford vehicles

Ford and the UAW have finally come together and agreed on something–they don’t want non-Ford vehicles bogarting all the good parking spots in the factory lots. Effective February 1st, the company’s Dearborn truck plant began re-enforcing an old and often ignored rule that only employees driving Ford vehicles could park in the most convenient spots on the lot.
Employees that violate the rule will get a nasty sticker on their windshield for a first offense and their ride will be towed if it happens again. These No Ford/No Parking zones are meant to foster support within the ranks for buying Ford products, though we doubt that dangling the carrot of a shorter walk to the front door will lead to more blue ovals being driven to work. Instead, we imagine a few workers are royally pissed that their freedom to comparison shop is being targeted.

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