The Chevrolet Avalanche with GM's 5.3L V8 becomes the sixth vehicle in Chevy's lineup to be compatible with E85, joining the Tahoe, Suburban, Silverado, Impala, and Monte Carlo. The centerpiece of GM's display was a 15-foot-tall bucket of popcorn that was tipped over and driven through by a '07 Avalanche painted up in GM's Live Green Go Yellow livery. The air quickly took on a hint of butter, and a few minutes later those of us who wandered up to the truck proceeded to track popcorn all over the place. I'm glad that I don't have to vacuum the carpet after this intro.

GM had executives from its E85 partners in attendance, as well as 12 students representing the Future Farmers of America. With the expansion of its E85-compatible lineup, a E85 filling station location service will soon be offered through OnStar.

This vehicle gave us the chance to grab some shots of the Avalanche's new interior, which to no surprise closely resembles that of its SUV brethren. This was my first chance to look at the GMT900 interior, and I have to say that I'm stunned at how nice it looks and feels. I'd almost feel bad about tracking mud (or popcorn) through this interior.

As usual, more pictures are available after the jump...

These tires may be M S rated, but they don't self-clean in popcorn.

Could someone hit the wipers, please?

Note the cupholders in the doors.

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