Nissan goes Moco in Japan once again

Paradoxically, minicars are big business in Japan. Demanding traffic and tight parking quarters are nothing new, but increased packaging efficiency, more appealing designs and increased feature count have helped boost their popularity, all of which neatly explains the cheeky little redesigned Nissan Moco seen here. 

By way of clarification, Nissan doesn't actually build any of these microcruisers, but rather than lose out on a burgeoning segment, they've entered into an arrangement with Suzuki, which produces the vehicle seen here. Interestingly, the company has also been licensing their own versions of Mitsubishi's Minicab and eK Wagon, which are sold as the Clipper and Otti in Nissan country.

Interestingly, Nissan is making no bones about pursuing younger female consumers with the Moco. In addition to adopting a wider color palate designed to appeal to women (including pink and turquoise), along with a light and airy interior, the preponderance of advertising associated with the Moco will have a feminine touch, as does the model's web presence.

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Despite the rising popularity of the kei-class, Nissan remains wary of expanding their range further, for fear of cannibalizing sales of their larger models. Regardless of their next move, Nissan hopes to shift just under 50,000 Mocos per year, at a price ranging from around $9,000 - $11,600 USD.

[Source: The Japan Times Online]

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