Isuzu MU-7 bound for U.S. in a couple of years?

We’ll warn you first that this is total speculation based on rumor and hearsay, but you’re looking at a picture of what is supposedly Isuzu’s new mid-size SUV called the MU-7.

The MU-7 is based on Isuzu’s D-Max truck platform, which also underpins the Chevy Colorado and i-350/i-280 twins from Isuzu here in the States. Speculation has it that the MU-7 will replace the Isuzu Ascender when that vehicle ends production sometime in 2006.

Technically the MU-7 wouldn’t have a GM clone when (and if) it goes on sale here in the states, as the Colorado platform has yet to spawn an SUV variant. The Trailblazer and its rebadged kin are built on an entirely different platform, if we’re not mistaken.

More pics scavenged from the net after the jump...

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