Detroit Show Wrapup: EDAG Pontiac Solstice Wagonlet in the flesh

Regular readers will recall our EDAG Pontiac Solstice 'Shooting Brake' shots in Autoblog's pre-NAIAS coverage.  Like many of today's most influential designs, the company's roadster-with-a-backpack generated a visceral love/hate reaction. Seen here in the metal (okay, metal and fiberglass), the company's prototype isn't likely to bridge the division between the two camps, but here are a few more shots just in case.

The concept on display wasn't a finished piece, it was a prototype lacking a proper gas-strut for the rear hatch lid. Instead, it made use of a thin prop-rod that looked for all the world like a spar pilfered from a stunt-kite kit. Regardless, the EDAG rep assured Autoblog that a production version would launch with a proper mechanism (and hopefully improved hinges, as well).

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With the factory Solstice's tragically limited stowage space (an ungainly hump in the trunk greatly abbreviates its 'real' storage capacity), the EDAG cap makes for a modest improvement, affording enough space for a bag or two of Callaways, but duffers will want to pack their clubs in cozies, as they will be at eye (and window) level. Still, it's definitely an improvement.

The Solstice helmet is reportedly 'easily removable,' albeit a two-person job (barring a garage hoist), and presumably some sort of quick-release mechanism has (or could be) sourced for the standard trunklid, making it something of a plug-and-play option.

Despite its slightly unpolished nature, EDAG's take on Pontiac's droptop was rather charming, and could do well in the marketplace. The spokesperson further allowed that a decision on production is coming within the next couple of weeks, and depending on amount of interest the concept generates, the lid could arrive in fiberglass (as seen here), or steel. A production lid would likely go for a few thousand dollars installed, and the decision remains whether to offer them painted in a few colors from the factory, or left unfinished. EDAG is seeking interest from both dealers that fit accessories and aftermarket vehicle outfitters.

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