Chris sent back some info on the Scosche Yamaha Rhino featuring Scosche's new  Bluetooth Wireless interface for iPod and MP3 players, which happens to be the winner of the 2006 CES Innovations Award.

Why is it so cool, you ask? The Scosche transmitter essentially turns almost any OEM headunit into a Bluetooth friendly system, which is way excellent. The transmitter gets plugged directly into the headphone jack of the player and transmits the data to the receiver plugged into the factory headunit, allowing digital sound quality to be pumped into an OEM system. Way better than my scratchy radio transmitter, I'd say. On top of that, the system has a hands-free cell phone function, complete with microphone, which means that luxury vehicle owners won't be the only ones with Bluetooth-eqipped vehicles. It even mutes the music when your call is made or answered, then unmutes it when the call is over.

As a special bonus for the car freaks, the company outfitted a Yamaha Rhino with the system. The Rhino, a "little commercial vehicle normally used for things like groundskeeping duties or those of meter maids,' says our man Chris, is pumped to the gills with aftermarket accessories like off-road suspension featuring Kings off-road racing shocks and some big ass tires.

Full release and more pics after the jump.

Factory Head Unit Direct Connect for Bluetooth Application


LAS VEGAS, (January 5, 2006) – Scosche Industries, a leader of mobile electronics aftermarket accessories, announced today it has developed patent-pending Bluetooth wireless interface direct connect for iPod and MP3 players for specific OEM head units.   The direct connect allows consumers to use the Scosche Bluetooth interface with a factory head unit.  Scosche’s hands-free cell phone function allows users to listen to their music and Bluetooth cell phone calls hands-free.

The interface connects directly to the headphone output connector of the iPod/MP3 unit and transmits to a Bluetooth receiver connected to the Scosche interface attached to the vehicle’s head unit transmitting continuous streaming audio with digital sound CD quality to a factory installed car receiver.  The hands-free cell phone function includes a microphone allowing hands-free cell phone calls.The microphone is easily installed on a sun visor, virtually hidden in view.  As a call comes through to a Bluetooth enabled cell phone, a user can either manually answer the call using the push-to-talk button included on microphone, or a call can be automatically answered.  Once the call is answered, the music mutes, and users will hear the caller through their car speakers.  When the call is complete, the call is disconnected, and the music will automatically rise to the level previously set.

“We initially developed our Bluetooth application for brand name head units to support and promote the aftermarket sales,” said Kas Alves, vice president marketing and sales, Scosche


Industries.  “Our OEM direct interface is a winning solution for consumers and aftermarket dealers offering an out-of-the-box solution to enjoy wireless music and hands-free cell phone calls without wired limitations.”   

Scosche’s Bluetooth wireless technology features transmitter with a wireless range of 30 feet and a rechargeable fifteen hour lithium-ion battery life.  It is Bluetooth 1.2 compliant for continuous streaming audio and can pair with an unlimited number of receivers including in a car, in the home in a boat. 

Designed for both iPod and universal MP3 players, Scosche has a direct connect solution for the following manufacturers:

·         Audi, IUBCKHVW;

·         Chrysler, IUBCKHCR;

·         Ford, IUBCKHFD;

·         GM, IUBCKHGM;

·         Honda, IUBCKHT;

·         Toyota, IUBCKHHT;

·         Volkswagen, IUBCKHVW.

Included in the vehicle kit are the manufacturer specific direct connect, a 12volt car charger, rechargeable transmitter, and the necessary cables for a simple installation.  Scosche’s  Bluetooth wireless technology is available at specialty retailers across the country. 

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