Iowans--listen closely, and amidst the din of rustling corn ears you may hear the upstart thrum of engines piquing the interest of investors and environmentalists alike. Hydrogen Engine Center Inc. has seen its stock price rise almost tenfold since taking to the market September 2. The company is set to move into a new factory where it will be able to build some 4,000 engines capable of running on gasoline, natural gas, hydrogen, ammonia, or propane using Ford engines as a starting point.

Headed up by ex-FoMoCo employee Ted Hollinger, the company plans to offer remanufactured Blue Oval V-6 powerplants (with revised internals and a new electronic fuel supply management system) to commercial corporations looking for flex-fuel power. With more than 60 million Ford V-6s produced, there should be ample supply for Hollinger’s operation.

[Source: Des Moines Register]

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