Safe Bugatti for the exquisitely paranoid

Though I possess no property of significant enough value to store behind lock and key, I’m sure there are those among you who require a secure storage space for your bits and baubles that appraise for more than the cost of my college education. For you we offer the Safe Bugatti by Stockinger.
The Safe Bugatti is one of the very few products co-branded with the Bugatti name, and it was developed to coincide with the launch of the very valuable Bugatti Veyron. The safe can swallow enough bonds and cash to fill 83 liters of space and its exterior dimensions measure 126.1 cm x 66.4 cm x 64.2 cm, which makes it small enough for home installation. It can also be outfitted with such niceties as a seismic detector, noise sensor, GPS signal and a 4-way ground anchorage device with breakaway alarm. The all-iron body is finished in a high gloss varnish while the interior is swathed in luxurious leather.

While the price for the Bugatti Safe isn’t mentioned on Stockinger’s website, we’re guessing it costs enough to warrant another safe in which to store it, as well.

[via Foursprung and ClassicDriver]

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