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SAFE: Autonomous cars will drive us to better national security

More self-driving cars will mean less foreign-oil use, coalition says.

A group called SAFE argues that autonomous driving is good for national security, in addition to just greening up the transportation system.

What can Brown do for you? How about a custom Lamborghini safe

Lamborghini safe by Brown – Click above for high-res image gallery

Ford Taurus safety ads set to go live

click above image to view both versions of Ford's new ads for the 2008 Taurus

Sioux Falls named City Safest for Driving

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, population 137,000, has been named by Allstate Insurance as the safest city for driving in the nation. A motorist in Sioux Falls experiences an accident once every 14.3 years, which is significantly longer than the national average of one every 10 years. Allstate credits the city's sensibly laid out streets and strong traffic enforcement for the high marks, although local residents interviewed in the linked article say busy teenagers and cell phone users are already th

Safe Bugatti for the exquisitely paranoid

Though I possess no property of significant enough value to store behind lock and key, I’m sure there are those among you who require a secure storage space for your bits and baubles that appraise for more than the cost of my college education. For you we offer the Safe Bugatti by Stockinger.