Volvo C30 concept revealed in front of NAIAS debut!

While we're already gassing up the Autoblog Gulfstream in anticipation of this year's North American International Auto Show, it's still a ways away. However, Spanish language publication El Diferencial has seen fit to drop a bit of Christmas/Chanukkah/Kwanzaa/Festivus cheer the enthusiast's way, with what appears to be an advanced showing of Volvo's C30 concept slated to debut at to debut at January's NAIAS

Said to be 'spot-on' Volvo's forthcoming compact hatch entry, the C30 is based upon Ford's C1 architecture, which underpins the superb Mazda3 and the Swedish firm's S40 sedan and V50 wagon-- no bad thing. It also lurks under the not-for-U.S. consumption Ford Focus... but don't even get us started about that nonsense. As expected, styling cribs heavily from both the SCC  and 3CC concept cars, both of which in turn borrow liberally from Volvo's classic P1800 ES. 

Set to go on sale in 2007, expect the C30 to make use of either a twin-cam four or Volvo's surprisingly charismatic trademark 2.5L five-banger, which plays to good effect in the S40. A C30 with hybrid drivetrain is also possible. When it hits U.S. shores, it will mix it up in a reinvigorated European hot hatch market, dicing it up with the Audi A3, Volkswagen GTI and MINI.

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