Ferrari Billboard - at least he's not smashing it

We were amazed how many of you tore into us for posting on, a website at which two guys are selling the right to vandalize their own Viper. It seems that using your expensive exotic as a second income is the hot thing to do right now, as Phil McNally recently sent us a link to his website called Ferrari Billboard at which he’s selling advertising space on his not-yet-purchased Ferrari F430. The going rate for one square inch is $25.
McNally was inspired by the milliondollarhomepage, which actually is a pretty ingenious way to make money without doing any actual work. There are 20,000 squares available to sell and McNally has varied plans depending on how many are sold. For example, if less than 200 are sold he’ll wrap his current whip, a Ford Escort Wagon.

The project will culminate with a cross-country trip after the F430 has been completely plastered with ads in order to drum up exposure for the car’s sponsors. McNally also pledges to use the car on his 100-mile daily commute in northern California.

If you need that totally last-second Christmas gift, you can buy a Ferrari Billboard square here.

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