College grad Jason Gunther is 23 and his sole asset is a Viper (awwww…). Faced with the realities of adult life, like a job, a place to live, bills to pay, etc., etc., Jason has decided to put his asset to use to make some much-needed cash.

Not content with just selling the Viper (as he says, what's the fun in that?), he set up - where advertisers buy advertising space and pay to have his Viper, well, smashed. The more you pay, the bigger your ad and the more damage you inflict on the poor Viper. And the wealthier Jason gets - he will pocket over $1 million if sells all the ad space.

For a minimum ad buy of $100, you get the Viper gouged with a key. $2500 gets the Viper whacked with a Louisville Slugger. You get the idea. (You have to think Corvette clubs across the country would be lining up for a piece of the action.)

It's way too complicated to explain - check it out here. As the site evolves (and the Viper devolves) we are promised lots of photos and videos of the car's destruction.

[Tips from Jason, Dan and Dave!]

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