What was it that Juliet said? "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet?" How about "a discount by any other name would still make the car cost the same?"

Cheap loans and big rebates have replaced the Ford Family Plan today after the employee discount plan ended yesterday. While the first two months of the plan saw a boost in sales, the plan ultimately lost popularity as the company's September sales tanked by 20 percent.

Rebates on 2006 Ford vehicles include $500 on the Focus, Fusion and Five Hundred sedans and the Freestyle crossover wagon, $2,000 on the Explorer SUV and some F-Series pickup trucks, and $3,000 on the Expedition SUV.  For the 2005 vehicles Ford still has on the lots, the automaker is offering 0 percent financing for up to 60 months.

The large incentives for SUVs and trucks are no doubt in response to a dropoff in sales ? 30 percent in the F-series, 58 percent in the Explorer and 60 percent in the Expedition, reportedly due to $3+/gallon gas prices throughout much of the U.S.

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