GM is merging three brands, almost. The brand names aren't going away but the glut of common products will. Don't expect for Buick to continue to sell the Rainier when the mid-size SUVs get redesigned in a few years and bet Pontiac will lose the Montana SV6 minivan. The brands will be allowed to focus on their core. Chevrolet and Cadillac will be "bookend" brands. Chevy will be mass-marketed and Cadillac continue to fill the luxury brand. Most of the Pontiac dealers in my area are all three-brand stores, which means there won't be much change except for future product. This is the smartest thing that GM announced recently. I always hated the trend in which every brand had to be everything to everybody. Buick doesn't need a body-on-frame truck, the Envoy will do just fine. Buick can take the resources they would have spent on a redesigned Rainier to make the next Rendezvous a serious RX 330 competitor.

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