There were arrests while protesters blocked a truck yesterday. The truck took away 28 cars.

We love cars, but may draw the line to stand vigil at a office building parking lot to ensure that GM does not destroy the last remaining EV-1 electric cars. The vigil has been kept watch 24 hours a day since February 16 with one goal: keep all 77 surviving EV-1 electric cars from being transported to the crusher. The group has found 100 people to pledge $24,000 for the chance to buy one of the EVs. When Ford caved in and let two people purchase their Ranger electric trucks after protesting, it gave the EV group hope that GM will turn around their decision. One thing to keep in mind: Where are you going to find spare parts for these cars down the line? That's the reason GM does not want to keep them on the road, infrastructure to keep them running.

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