In another case of common sense preached from a government agency comes the latest findings from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. They say that teens should drive larger cars because less teens die in crashes with said vehicles. Of course, less teens drive these vehicles period so the numbers could be misleading. The NHTSA says teens should drive vehicles that meet these requirements:

  • 4 or 5 star rollover ratings

  • Weigh 3,300 or more pounds

  • Accelerate to 60 mph between 8 to 11 seconds

  • Have ABS and side air bags

That leaves them in mid to full size sedans that cost much more than a compact. This makes the dumbest argument of all time since neither teens nor their parents can afford these types of vehicles. What's wrong with well-tested compacts like the Civic 4-door, Mazda3, VW Jetta? Instead they suggest the Accord and Passat. This is why agencies like this aren't treated seriously when they make other recommendations that might be on the nose.

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