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Best cars for teens: $20,000 or less

How to choose a safe, reliable and affordable car suitable for a teenage driver

A teen driving with other teens is deadlier for everyone on the road

The chance of a fatality rises dramatically

The chance of a fatality rises dramatically.

One in three U.S. teens admit to texting while driving

'The earlier teens start driving, the earlier they start texting while driving'

"The earlier teens start driving, the earlier they start texting while driving."

Getting the best rate on your new driver auto insurance

It's an inescapable truth: Your insurance premiums will go up - and may even double according to Bankrate - when you add a new, inexperienced driver to your policy.

Easy ways to promote teen safety while driving

The statistics are enough to make any parent wince: According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more teenagers die in motor vehicle accidents than from any other cause.

How to convey the importance of seat belt safety to new teen drivers

Snappy sayings, like Click It or Ticket, are intended to persuade people to buckle up in the car.

Why are teens driving less? The Internet, maybe

There are fewer 16-year olds with licenses than any time since the 1960s.

More data from the Federal Highway Administration shows that teenagers are driving less.

Millennials don't want cars, but Generation Z does

They prefer "traditional, practical, and trusted" brands.

Teenagers today aren't super exited about Tesla, despite valuing sustainability and autonomous driving.

Young Adults and Auto Insurance

As you may already know, it is required by law to have auto insurance. Although auto insurance is an expense that we do not see an immediate benefit from, it protects all drivers on the road. As a young adult, you may feel that your auto insurance

Yes, teens are still bad drivers, and the research supports it

Teens think that they are safe drivers, but a new study shows that they often engage in dangerous behaviors like speeding and road rage.

Open Road
An inside look at how a racecar driver prepares for the 2016 season

Get a taste of what life's like for Shannon McIntosh as she searches out work and sponsorships going into a new motorsports season.

It takes a village to raise a teen driver

Teens Need Guidance Beyond Parents While Learning To Drive

The number of teen drivers involved in fatal crashes has been halved over the past decade, but traffic collisions still remain the top cause of death for teenagers.

Rest easy, parents: Teen driving deaths have tumbled

But Teens Still Have High Crash Rates, Pose Danger To Others

Teen drivers are far less likely to be involved in fatal car accidents today than at any other point over the past two decades.

New Chevy Malibu helps parents monitor teen driver's performance

GM's Teen Driver Program Turns On Safety Features, Records Data

For teens, a driver's license can represent freedom. For parents, it can represent fear. Now there's a way parents can alleviate some of their worries and monitor their teen drivers.

Distractions responsible for nearly 6 in 10 teen-driving car accidents

Cell-Phone Use And Passengers Are Top Crash Factors, Says AAA

Distracted driving is a far more significant cause of teen-driving accidents than previously realized, according to new research.

Driver's Education Helps Reduce Teen Crash Rates

AAA research finds modest gains, but knowledge rates still 'quite low'

At a time when fewer students are participating in driver's education, a new study reaffirms the value of such classes.

Car Shopping For A Teen? Here's What You Need To Know

Many used cars don't contain criticial safety features that could keep kids safer

Teen drivers are the most vulnerable motorists on the road. They take unnecessary risks. They're inexperienced. They're more likely to sit behind the wheel of used cars that don't contain the latest safety technology.

Teens don't do this one simple thing that could save their lives

Hindsight being what it is, I now realize that I was a certifiable moron as a teenager. I thought I was far smarter and slicker than I actually was, and I took part in a spectacular array of things that, when viewed through the wiser eyes of someone pushing 30, were the height of stupidity. I'm sure most average Joes and Janes have a similar view of their adolescence. Throughout my teen years, though, I did do one thing correctly – I always wore my Brandon Turkus

New York Named The Best State For Teen Drivers

Hawaii is also quite safe, South Dakota is not

Teen drivers in New York are safer than teens in any other state, according to a new study from Wallethub.

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