Henry Ford's great-great grandson has become a full-time consultant to Ford Global Brand Entertainment, a division that strives to close the gap between the automaker and the entertainment industry. This brings up the issue (and I include all automakers) about product placement that is so contrived it is obvious scripting.

From reading this article it seems that someone on the TV show ?ER? bought a Chrysler 300 and shows it off on the show like an infomercial. ?Alias? pushed Ford trucks by adding the scripted line, ?get in the F-150?. I don?t think that automakers really get their money back in 99% of the situations. Ford?s Thunderbird placement in ?Die Another Day?, the Jeep Wrangler in ?Laura Croft ? Waste of Time (Oh, ? Cradle of life?)? the Toyota Tundra in ?T3? and the made for USA Networks bomb featuring the GTO, ?The Last Ride?. All not worth the money forked over for the placement.

Black BeautyI don?t know what ever has happened to the ?Green Hornet? movie remake, but I heard the producers wanted $30 million bucks to have your car become the new ?Black Beauty?. Last rumor was the new Mitsubishi Gallant, but I don?t think they have the cash. The 300C should spiritually become the car.

Maybe I?m just too mature to care what George Clooney drives to his movie premiere in, but I do find it funny with all this fact checking the line that made into Ocean?s Twelve:. Brad Pitt says he looking to buy a car, a 1953 Ford Thunderbird. Let me know when you find one.

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