Forbes threw together four of their automotive writers to predict what will be the news in 2005. Click through for some thoughts and counter-thoughts.

Jerry Flint says that this will be the year for Ford. I have to agree that the Ford division will not lose the market share like they did in 04, but they are not out of the woods yet.

Steve Kichen warns that hybrids are not just for ?greens?. We all know that already.

Dan Lienert says that SUV sales will falter due to the change in the tax write off law change. While I feel that many people will using this law to purchase a H2 for their business that really didn?t need it, that?s not cause of big SUV sales drop. There still is a market for Suburbans and Expedition XLs. We Americans like ?em and as more technology is pushed to these big rigs to be more fuel efficient, more will buy.

Joann Muller says ?safety sells? and Mitsubishi is done in the US. I think it is just a matter of time before the whole inside of a car is an airbag. Ads have been touting 5-star crash ratings like crazy now. Safe is a good thing to be. I think Mitsu is in big trouble, but with the Eclipse and Raider and a few tuner remakes for the Gallant, I think they will still be around to see the ball drop in 2006.


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