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Talk about a platform long-in-the tooth. While every other manufacturer has brought to market all new competitors to the compact/midsize truck market, Ford stays with the Ranger. With nothing but grill and trim enhancements for the last, oh what is it, seems like I've been looking at the same Ranger for 40 years. And they still don't make a crew cab.

The STX Ranger shows yet another new grill in a new monochromatic color scheme that includes the bumpers and door handles (oh! That?s advancement). It will be available in five colors, blue, grey, red white and black.

Ranger SXT

Other exterior items on the STX are 15-inch wheels and available running boards and Styleside box. Don?t forget the STX graphic. Yawn.

Ranger SXTInside, the interior is set to match the exterior with red or blue inserts for the seats. Your engine choices are the 3.0 V-6 making 148hp or the 4.0 liter V-6 that gets a boost to 207hp. Nothing new here, and pretty low on the truck engine totem pole. There will also be a host of aftermarket products from Ford Racing to customize your 1990?s ride.

The best thing this truck has going for it is the price; $16,020 for the 4x2 regular cab, $18,060 for SuperCab two-door and $19,225 for the SuperCab four-door (the clam-shell doors) plus $620 destination. Wait, come to think of it, those aren?t great prices. I can think of 6 other trucks in the same range that are brand new to the market. I?ve spent too much time on this dinosaur? just letting you know it?s still there.

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