While Robert Farago of TTAC rants about Car of the Year awards by the likes of Car & Driver and the Autorox awards we mentioned earlier this week, Dan and Anita Leinert get their groove on and name the Chrysler 300C and Honda Odyssey car and truck of the year respectively. Before you finish adding a comment about the Odyssey not being a truck and that the Mustang is clearly the better car please take note of these musings from the Leinerts: "The top car — Chrysler's 300C — seems destined for the history books. The big, edgy sedan with its all-American style and presence already is being hailed as a game-changer — for the Chrysler brand as well as the entire industry." I'm sorry but with all the images I've seen coming ahead of the Detroit auto show I don't think I've seen one that resembles the 300C except for the Dodge Charger of course. The only trend it may have started was the gradual disappearance of side window coverage. Granted it is an excellent car but is it heads and tails above everything else when you throw out the subjective styling? I would think a lot of people would opt for an Acura TL instead of the 300C because of the amenities and Japanese quality. But we could go on and on. Let's just say these car of the year awards are really irrelevant. Except for ours of course. 

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