Usually the third day in a car is where I point out all the flaws it has. But yesterday I spent time talking about my one big hang-up with the acceleration and engine so I'm left with little to complain about.

Inside I just love the G6. It is very cool looking. The only plastic that fails to impress is on the door handle (both front and rear) and little things like the rear cup holders are very cheap (I?m talking Kia cheap). But those won?t get as much notice as the nice everyday stuff like the center stack, attractive gauge pod and surprisingly enough my favorite little cell phone cubby, pictured here, above the shifter. Positioned right next to the electric outlet it is the perfect size for cell phone, palm pilot, Sidekick etc. There?s another plug in the larger center storage compartment too if you have more than one electric gadget.

G6 GaugesG6 Gauges night

Parking is kind of a pain in the G6. The longer wheelbase than the Buick is annoying. I park in the same lot every day at work. It is a tight fit for any car. But the Buick definitely handled the sharp turns better even though it was a larger car. It?s not a make or break attribute but seems odd for the ?sport sedan? in the family.

G6 Trunk 250The trunk isn?t huge but for those shopping this segment it is acceptable. I like the deep storage wells on the sides with cargo netting. They could actually fit a few bags of groceries easily unlike many ?cargo? areas which seem like you could slip a loaf of bread in them and that?s about it. You can see a bunch of dry cleaning, my messenger bag and assorted other shopping bags fit easily with much more room behind them to flip-down seats. Before I get the question after last week?s Old Navy comments, these pictures are not product placements. I just shop at Old Navy and DSW and am recycling the bags for dry cleaning. And pictures of a full trunk are better, in my opinion, then an empty one. Comments about my discount shopping habits and recycling bags can be posted below.

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