All New Jetta1

Well here it is. Hinted at in earlier spy photos, it appears the new Jetta (prepared to drop January 5 at the Los Angeles Auto Show) mixes both the new Audi style seen in the A6 and A4 along with the Acura TL. Unfortunately I don't see anything unique in this design that moves me or endears me to the brand over any other. Luckily VW finally boosted the power in this fifth generation Jetta. A 2.5 liter five-cylinder, yes five, produces 150 horsepower and there will be an optional six-speed automatic transmission with Tiptronic. But what should be most anticipated is an electro-mechanical steering system that should improve the car's handling along with a new electronic stability program and new-generation ABS all-disc brakes. Got all that? Also as it appears the new Jetta is much larger than the previous version. I'm guessing there's one other thing that will be bigger as well, sticker price. Click below for more images.

All New Jetta2
All New Jetta3

And a side note for those that are no longer fans of VW from the press release: ?Built for worldwide distribution at Volkswagen?s high-tech production facility in Puebla, Mexico, the Jetta?s assembly process promises to set quality standards for this model segment.?

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