The first words on the screen of Anita Leinert's review of the new Buick Terraza and Saturn Relay crossover sport vehicles make me want to ask if the Detroit Free Press employs copy editors. Now I totally believe Anita as she lambastes these efforts by GM, but it's the way she starts the story that bugs me. "For the past year, I've felt like a soccer mom on a mission, searching for the best new minivan in an ever more crowded field." OK does anyone else out there read this as she is actually a soccer mom that is on a mission or she just feels like a soccer mom? I'm thinking she's got kids and that's why she's so intent on scrutinizing these vehicles. But nope some 15 paragraphs later we learn she's an empty nester and that she wants the 3rd row seats to accommodate an elderly senior not a toddler. Well how about we put the senior in the 2nd row or even front passenger seats? I realize she's making a point about these vehicles not having fold away seats but come on. Anyway, Anita thinks the two products basically stink when compared to the Japanese minivans out there but would choose the Saturn over the Buick in a pinch.

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