One of the things Acura has done right in recent years is their almost one-rate pricing. That doesn't mean you can't negotiate it just means most models come completely loaded with everything most drivers would want. The TSX and TL are prime examples of this strategy at work, but the RSX Type-S doesn't leave anything off from its starting price.

RSX Gauges Night

Sure you can add on things like a cargo net and all weather floormats but in reality you have all you need already. First, there?s a power moonroof. While the RSX?s is small compared to others in the class, it doesn?t ring up on the option tally either. The 6-disc in-dash CD changer is well laid out, has a nice feel and is easy to operate. I just wish the Bose speakers offered more range. On a sampling of a number of CDs I noticed guitars were muted considerably and vocals were amplified no matter how I adjusted the bass and treble. Shoot a comment over if you want a run down of what artists and discs I played.

RSX Trick TrayComfort features like lumbar support in the drivers seat, heated side-view mirrors and speed-sensing, variable intermittent windshield wipers make driving in any weather a joy. To me the windshield wipers were spot on and worked as well as those in much more expensive models. A small thing I know, but it?s amazing how much of a difference it made on a cold and rainy morning commute.

Another cool utilitarian feature is the two-in-one cup holder and tray. The lid easily slides revealing a tray for coins and then disappears allowing drivers room for drinks. No answer on what to do when you come to a toll and have two Big Gulps blocking access to your change but it?s still nifty.

Also, the comparison between a RSX Type-S and standard RSX with manual and leather is $23,570 and $21,250 respectively ($20,175 without leather). There is definitely more than $2,500 worth of car for the money in the Type-S and I?m not just talking about all the badging. And as readers have noted you do get what you pay for in comparing the Acura to the last two coupes we were in, the Scion tC and Saturn Ion Red Line. But Acura has also had a lot more time to perfect this package and it clearly shows.

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