In preparing this post I came across two odd thoughts. First: Are we really going to have to spell out Five Hundred for the new Ford sedan instead of the number 500? Second: Why is Ford replacing the Taurus with two different FWD sedans?

I don't know the answer to either but AutoWeek addresses other concerns including how the Five Hundred uses Volvo architecture to make a better Ford. Good idea. The idea to use the Volvo designs came when designing the Ford Freestyle, the crossover that borrows heavily from the Volvo XC90. Ford must have liked it so much it carried over to the Five Hundred and Mercury Montego. Of course Ford had to keep things affordable and replaced things like aluminum rear suspension with steel.

Ford says they spent a lot of money on reducing road noise and improving the interior. So far I believe them. But it seems like they gave up on the exterior a bit early.

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