Last night I was settling into the couch following a long weekend in Las Vegas. I was hoping the Olympics would lift my spirits after losing a chunk of change. Unfortunately the women's gymnastic team didn't look so good and I was losing interest in hearing Michael Phelps name every other second. Since I hadn't saved any Tivo time I was forced to watch the commercials between every event. One stuck out more than the rest. It was an annoying cell phone ringing in various circumstances on different people's phones. It was so annoying at first I thought it was my cell phone. Obviously I thought it was a cell phone commercial. Somehow the ad faded to Mazda cars and the fact that the ring-tone was the "Zoom-zoom" song finally dawned on me.

Than the commercial was over. I barely saw any cars. And I doubt anyone else did either. Mazda keeps saying how Zoom-Zoom is the most recognizeable slogan in the auto world. That?s great. But the company admits most people still think of Mazda in terms of the 626 and RX-7. I think it?s time to chuck the Zoom-Zoom and stress what Mazda is about today. Superior handling, power and style. If you?re going to release an economy car as stunning as the Mazda3, show it. The best commercial they?ve done recently was the RX-8 ?hugging the early-30s husband in the garage. I don?t remember hearing the annoying Zoom-Zoom song in that one.

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