VolkswagenGolf R

Volkswagen Golf R

Volkswagen hired a photographer to come shoot the handful of journalists that it brought to drive the 2015 Golf R at Buttonwillow Raceway north of Los Angeles. This fact, though unremarkable in and of itself, was something I hadn't noticed until I was well into my track time – probably ten laps deep on a day that would see me run twice that number. In any event, I noticed the intrepid shooter as he was sprinting from one side of the track to the other somewhere before Turn 2, while I was b

Current Models
Old Models
2013 Volkswagen Golf R
MSRP: $34,195 - $34,795
2012 Volkswagen Golf R
MSRP: $33,990 - $34,590
2014 Volkswagen Golf
$23,950 / 15,012 miles / WA
2012 Volkswagen Golf
$13,888 / 32,420 miles / WA
2012 Volkswagen Golf
$14,888 / 28,557 miles / WA
Phil Smart Inc
1525 Boylston Ave Seattle, 32586 0.5 miles
Stockbridge Autos Inc (Wholesale Only)
2133 3rd Ave Seattle, 32585 0.5 miles
BMW Seattle
714 E Pike St Seattle, 32586 0.5 miles