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VW Golf R

Volkswagen hired a photographer to come shoot the handful of journalists that it brought to drive the 2015 Golf R at Buttonwillow Raceway north of Los Angeles. This fact, though unremarkable in and of itself, was something I hadn't noticed until I was well into my track time – probably ten…

- Reviewed by Seyth Miersma


2015 Volkswagen Golf R
MSRP: $36,595 - $36,595
2013 Volkswagen Golf R
MSRP: $34,195 - $34,795
2012 Volkswagen Golf R
MSRP: $33,990 - $34,590
VW Golf R pre-order sells out in less than 11 hours

Volkswagen's pre-order program for the first 500 units of the 2015 Golf R to enter the US was a smashing success. It took less than 11 hours for all of them to be reserved. The only option for prospective customers now is to get on a waiting list or wait for the hot hatch's wider release.
VW previews huge screens, gesture control with Golf R Touch Concept at CES

Latest infotainment system supports MirrorLink, Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto

Volkswagen is going all out at CES 2015 to show off the future of automotive technology. The company thinks in the future that electric cars might be able to find charging stations by themselves and that gesture controls might be the next step in operating a vehicle. Besides the Golf R Touch concept, VW is debuting its next-gen MIB II infotainment system that supports MirrorLink, Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto.
VW LogBox and Race App performance data logger for R models [w/video]

Volkswagen has released its LogBox and Race App performance data logging combo. Plug the LogBox into your VW's OBD II port and it sends data over BlueTooth to the Race App, measuring variables like acceleration, distance, G-force and engine performance.

For Sale

2014 Volkswagen Golf
$23,777 / 21,757 miles / NY
2015 Volkswagen Golf
$24,400 / 11,437 miles / NJ
2013 Volkswagen Golf
$31,442 / 7,412 miles / NY
Reydel Volkswagen
2034 State Route 27 Edison, 8817 5.9 miles
VW Repair Center
408 South Ave E Westfield, 7090 6.7 miles
VW Repair Center
424 South Ave E Westfield, 7090 6.8 miles