Toyota Mirai

Is there some rule that all cutting-edge, ultra-efficient or emissions-free vehicles need to look, uh, weird? No? Then would anyone care to explain the Toyota Mirai, a vehicle that for all it's hugely, wildly promising technology, will forever be pigeonholed based on its odd styling? Looks…


Toyota's hydrogen fuel cell Mirai isn't good enough to be a Lexus

Lexus exec implies that it'd take an SUV to fit desired fuel-cell powertrain.

Lexus may launch fuel-cell vehicle with a 300-horsepower mill, not the Mirai's 152-hp powertrain.
Toyota next fuel cell vehicle is a big ole bus

The Toyota FC Bus is coming soon.

It's the biggest Mirai around.
Toyota Mirai lease price drops to $349/month

Automaker cuts $150 off the lease price to spur sales.

You still get three years of free hydrogen, though.

For Sale

2017 Toyota Mirai
$58,365 / 5 miles / CA
2017 Toyota Mirai
$58,365 / 5 miles / CA
2017 Toyota Mirai
$58,365 / 3 miles / CA
Toyota takes chrome Mirai to Gurston Down Speed Hill Climb

It'll be at Goodwood later this month.

Toyota entered its fuel cell Mirai in the Gurston Down Speed Hill Climb, marking the car's UK motorsport debut. Goodwood is next.

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