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porsche 911 carrera 4

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    Video: Petrolicious details why the Porsche 911 is something special

    The Porsche 911 is a special car, if for no other reasons than it's been continuously produced since 1964, with nearly every generation regarded as being at or near the top of its class. But why the rear-engined icon has done so well among enthusiasts and regular drivers alike can't always be ...

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    Official: Porsche gives us another with the 911 Carrera 4 GTS

    We're not exactly sure what's in the water over in Stuttgart, but something apparently makes the folks over at Porsche wake up most mornings and think, "There aren't enough versions of the 911. We should make another." It's the same time-to-make-the-donuts spirit that has already given us more ...

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    Direct-Injection Faceoff - Porsche 911 4S versus... BRP Ski-Doo?

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    On the surface, it would be difficult to find two machines that share less in common than the 2009 Porsche 911 and the latest Ski-Doo MX Z X snowmobile. But dig a little deeper (into their engine bays) and things start to show a few similarities, most notably the use of ...

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    The Sound of Music: Porsche offers new exhaust on 911

    Click above to view Porsche's new sport exhaust in high-resolution
    Premium sportscar buyers expect their exotic machinery to sound as good as it looks and goes. Few automakers recognize this as well as Porsche, which has announced the availability of a new variable exhaust system for its mainstay ...


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