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    Official: Mercedes renames utility vehicles, repositions Maybach as sub-brand
    Model Series, Drive Systems Get Revised Naming Throughout Lineup 1415705400

    Beginning in 2015, Mercedes-Benz is revising its nomenclature strategy for many of its models. This isn't shocking news, nor is it anything new in the industry – look at the recent Q-ification of Infiniti, or the forthcoming CT/XT strategy being deployed at Cadillac. But unlike those ...

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    Report: Cadillac tipped to call flagship something other than LTS

    Cadillac wouldn't be Cadillac without large sedans in its lineup, and while the XTS has had to hold down that end of the fort all on its own, it won't have to for too long. That's because the luxury brand in the General Motors portfolio is preparing to roll out its new LTS, stylistically ...

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    Rumormill: Mercedes prepares to overhaul its confusing naming structure

    When it comes to German luxury vehicles, it's always the same old story: BMW and Mercedes-Benz duking it out for first place, with Audi gaining ground while locking down third. So why should it be any different when it comes to naming conventions? BMW has clearly taken the lead for which car ...

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    Report: Jaguar to ditch current nameplates for alphanumeric badges?

    An automaker can't make it in the fringe anymore. Everything's going either upmarket or mainstream, and Jaguar has opted primarily for the latter. The company that not so long ago offered essentially one sedan and one two-door is rapidly expanding to a full lineup. So what's the next step? ...

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    O Alfa Romeo, Alfa Romeo, obey thy father and refuse thy name

    Shakespeare has proven himself ahead of his time yet again. While Alfa Romeo is making a comeback of epic proportions, parent company Fiat is ordering a new naming scheme for the Torino automaker's models. That's the word according to a report in the British car magazine Autocar. The current Alfa ...

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    Sorting out the automotive alphanumeric name-game

    Quick: Is an RX a Lexus, or a Mercedes-Benz? It's a Lexus. What about an XG?* And is the "M" an Acura, BMW, Lincoln, or Nissan? Well, that depends on whom you ask (as explained here, Acura squares off with Lincoln, and here, BMW suing Nissan). Kim Seung-hyun of the JoongAng Daily tries to ...


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