O Alfa Romeo, Alfa Romeo, obey thy father and refuse thy name

Shakespeare has proven himself ahead of his time yet again. While Alfa Romeo is making a comeback of epic proportions, parent company Fiat is ordering a new naming scheme for the Torino automaker's models. That's the word according to a report in the British car magazine Autocar.

The current Alfa nomenclature is a mixed bag. Sedans and hatchbacks get numeric designations (147, 159, 166), coupes and convertibles get names (Brera, Spider, GT), while the upcoming models get both (8C Competizione). The name of the upcoming "baby Alfa" is expected to follow the latter, with 4C Junior tipped as the handle.

Rather than reach into its past to resuscitate historic Alfa nameplates like Giulietta and Alfasud, the carmaker is expected to go with a "linked family of names", which should mean some consistency across the range. They can call them what they want, we'll continue to call them beautiful – we just hope the new naming scheme is carefully selected to match.

[Source: Autocar via Winding Road]

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